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Since 2006, BlueSky Holiday Design offers exclusive holidays to Dahab, Egypt.

Dahab is a small tourist town in the Sinai Desert, on the shores of the Red Sea, looking out to Saudi Arabia. Dahab is famous for it's golden beaches (Dahab means 'Gold' in Arabic) and it's world renowned divesties, such as the Blue Hole.

Not only is Dahab an excellent place for great diving holidays, the Sinai Desert is practically the 'back yard' and therefor we offer the best desert safaris. You can visit some amazing valleys, mountains and Bedouin villages.

The Sinai Desert is most famous for it's mentionings in the Bible. Trips to the amanzing St. Catherine Monastery, the place of the "Burning Bush" and Mount Moses (where Moses recieved the "10 Commandments" are easily done from Dahab and we can book these excursions for you!

Have a look around on our websites and we'll be happy to organize a special trip for you!

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